Puppy Training – Brad Pattison Style


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Although I have owned and trained many dogs over my lifetime I love watching and learning from the experts.  Right now I am favouring Canadian dog trainer Brad Pattison as I love the way he acts out as if he is a dog.  Woody and Ted have been transfixed by his show as well.

This show has been airing on UK TV fairly recently and I taped about 12 episodes.

I have ordered myself these 2 books from Amazon, I will review them and share my thoughts with you when they arrive

I Love My Schnoodle


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How much do you love your Schnoodle?

i Love My Schnoodle

i Love My Schnoodle

A recent survey reported that 6 out 10 dog owners sleep with their dogs on or in their beds.  Are you one of those 6 or are you 1 of the 4 who would never consider it.

I am part of a large community of dog walkers who meet in the morning on the beach to exercise our beloved pets and each one is as precious to their owners as a child.  What fascinates me is the many varied reasons why the owners chose to get a dog or how a dog came into their lives. Read the rest of this entry »

The Poodle, One Half of the Schnoodle


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The Poodle Dog

The Poodle Dog

The Poodle is one half of the Schnoodle

Poodles are one of the most intelligent breeds in existence  The Poodle lends itself especially to becoming a pet or companion, soon becoming warmly attached to its owner, very quick at learning what is required of it, and very smart and vigilant as a guard.

All who have kept any of them will know they are full of merit, good tempered as a rule, born humourists, fond of children, grand swimmers, excellent guards, and very affectionate and faithful to their owners and friends. A very high authority, both as a breeder, exhibitor and judge, has set out the points of a correct Poodle as follows : head long, straight and fine ; skull rather narrow and peaked at back, very slight “stop;” long, strong and fine jaw, not full in cheek; teeth white and level; lips black and rather tight fitting; gums and roof of mouth black ; nose sharp and black ; eyes very dark brown, full of fire and intelligence, nearly almond shaped, leather of ears long and wide, hanging close to

face; well proportioned neck of fair length and strength; strong muscular shoulders, sloping well to back; deep and moderately wide chest; short, strong, slightly curved back ; broad muscular loins ; ribs well sprung and braced up; small round feet, toes well arched, pads thick and hard ; well set, straight legs, with plenty of bone and muscle ; hind legs very muscular and well bent, hocks well let down, tail not curled over back, but carried rather gaily and set on high; coat profuse and of good texture, not silky; if corded, hanging in tight, even cords; if curled, in strong, thick curls, of

even length, without knots or cords. Colours should be self, whites and blacks seem to be the most popular. The general appearance is that of a very active, intelligent and elegant looking dog, stepping out well and carrying himself proudly.

Mixed with the Schnauzer, the poodle creates the increasingly popular Schnoodle

A Jubilee Street Paw-ty


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Vanity Fur Street Paw-ty

Traditional with the quirkiness of the Brits, I was tickled pink to help a friend out with her Jubilee Street Paw-ty for dogs, oh, of course their owners as well.

The event did have a serious side, it was a fundraiser for local animal rescue charities.  The event was very well attended by our four legged companions and their owners.

Take a look at her facebook page to see some of the stars of the event.

Assistance Dogs


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5 Year’s old dog can detect his diabetes up’s and down’s – Diabetic Alert Dog

5 year old Will Rimmel

This is an amazing story about the ability for dogs to be able to detect medical conditions and how this detection can be trained to save lives….

Five year old Will Rimmel adores the new puppy he got last month

Just 17 weeks old, the black Labrador retriever loves to play catch with Will or rest quietly and chew a ball by his feet.

But Harley, as Will named her, is more than a young boy’s new best friend.

She could save his life. Read the rest of this entry »

Fat Dog


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Fat Dog

Fat Dog

Is this a curse of modern day living?  Are we failing our furry four legged chums when it comes to feeding them with kindness, literally?

More than a third of dogs (2.9million) are overweight or obese while 25 per cent of cats (3 million) suffer the same problem, according to figures from the People’s Dispensary for Sick Animals, PDSA.

Overweight pets run the serious risk of developing diabetes, heart disease and arthritis, and have a lower life expectancy than healthy pets.

But despite the consequences of a poor diet, 90 per cent of dog owners admit to feeding their pets treats such as cheese, crisps, cakes, biscuits, toast and takeaways.

Sean Wensley, PDSA Senior Veterinary Surgeon, said: “Excess pounds can contribute to a number of serious health conditions and, sadly, it does reduce life expectancy.

“We have found that many owners are unaware that their pets are overweight, which suggests there is widespread misunderstanding about what a healthy-sized pet looks like.

“Sadly, many owners are continuing to feed inappropriate diets to their pets. Owners may think they are showering their pets with love but they are actually, in effect, killing them with kindness.”

Figures revealing the extent of obese dogs inBritaincame to light following a PDSA survey of 30,000 animals between 2006 and 2010.

During this period the number of overweight animals rose by 10 per cent to close to three million pets.

A second online study of more than 11,000 dogs, cats and rabbits, which was completed last year, also found that rabbits suffered from being fed the worst diets.

Some 42 per cent were fed too little hay each day while 49 per cent were given a mix of seeds and flakes linked to painful dental disease.

Mr Wensley added: “If a pet does need to shed a few pounds then the first thing to do is to cut out the treats and start following packet feeding guidelines closely, using weighing scales to check you are getting the amounts right.”

Original article feature by James Orr, the Telegraph,  http://www.telegraph.co.uk/health/petshealth/9171681/Millions-of-fat-cats-and-dogs-are-being-killed-with-kindness.html

Dog Swim


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Seth Casteel image of Lab Retriever Swimming

Do all dogs possess the same desire to get into the water?  Most will if a ball is involved and the images captured can be astonishing.

It begs belief but 31 year old, LA Based Pet Photographer, Seth Casteel has used his talents as a photographer to capture some of the most remarkable underwater images of dogs in a pool fetching a ball.

A fabulous story featured in the ‘Sydney Morning Herald’ yesterday and has made Seth’s project and overnight success story.

After returning to the US from Australia, where he studied at James Cook University for a semester and took in the local wildlife, Casteel began offering his services as a volunteer photographer in animal shelters.

Just as a good real estate photographer can improve a home’s prospects for sale, so too, a well-framed portrait of an abandoned pet can make a difference.

“These photographs of homeless pets are such a key factor in finding them new homes and saving their lives,” said Casteel in a phone interview.

Today, he also runs a non-profit called Second Chance Photos, which aims to teach animal shelter staff and other volunteers how to take photographs of the shelter pets that give them the best possible chance of being re-homed.

Casteel’s professional work became a natural extension of that volunteer work.

The first underwater shot came about when a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel named Buster refused to stay on land and instead kept jumping into the pool.

One thing led to another and eventually, Casteel bought the gear and refined his methods and found that, with a bit of coaxing, many dogs were happy to chase a ball underwater.

“It is about my relationship with the dogs, too,” he said during a break in a tour to round up more subjects for a book that is due out later this year. “They can trust me and know that we’re having a good time.”

The cost of an underwater photo shoot starts at $US1000, a price Casteel says, many dog owners are willing to pay, even in these economically challenged times.

“Our pets are our friends and our pets are our family and when they’re gone all we have left are memories and photographs.”

Of course the best opportunity for capturing high quality shots of your dog might be hampered if you don’t have a pool, clear water and a willing dog to jump in after a ball.

Wishing Seth and his project, Second Chance Photos every success for the future.

Dog SwimRead more: http://www.smh.com.au/environment/animals/a-soggy-dog-story-20120319-1vfkx.html#ixzz1plTT7199

Pet Bakery


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Canine Cookie Co Pet Bakery

I love to bake cakes for my family; I love the smell the house if filled with when baking treats for tea.  When I bake my speciality, cupcakes, I do so in large batches so that I can share my creations with neighbours and friends.  Even the pets appreciate my baking, which forms the basis of this post.

When Woody was somewhat younger than his current 2 years of age, he watched me bake a large batch of cakes, which were for a special family occasion.  I had planned my day around my cake chores and that extended to making up a huge batch of fresh butter cream icing. Read the rest of this entry »

Compare Pet Insurance


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Pet Insurance

Pets, like us humans, get sick too and when that happens often our first course of action is to take them to the vets.  Providing the best care and treatment for our poorly pet costs and depending on the diagnosis and prognosis, costs can escalate quickly.

Without pet specific insurance in place the costs associated with treating our furry companion can rise quickly leaving a big hole in our wallet.

Around the world there is a huge variation in the amount of pet owners who have pet specific insurance.  Comparisons demonstrate that 49% of Swedish pet owners insure their pets, compared to 19% of Canadian owners and just 3% of US pet owners. Read the rest of this entry »

Dog ate Chocolate


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Dog ate Chocolate

Dog ate Chocolate

You probably know that you should never give chocolate to dogs, right?  But do you know why?  Well in short consumption by a dog could prove fatal and requires Veterinarian consultation as soon as possible.  Chocolate ingredients include theobromine and caffeine, both of which contribute to poisoning.

The lethal dose of theobromine in dogs is 100-150mg per kilo bodyweight. Dark or cooking chocolate contains the most theobromine (1400mg per 100g), while milk chocolate contains 150mg per 100g. Half of a 250g block of baking chocolate is enough to be dangerous to a 10kg dog.

Symptoms of chocolate poisoning including vomiting, diarrhoea and hyperactivity presents within 6 – 12 hours.  Your dog may become thirsty and wobbly on his feet.  As the poison takes hold he will develop a rapid and irregular heart rate, he will pant, have seizures and muscle spasms ending in coma and death.  On occasions death can be sudden will few symptoms, this is considered to be because of a fatal irregularity of the heart rhythm.

Early treatment by a Veterinarian is crucial if you suspect your dog has eaten chocolate.  If your dog has consumed chocolate within an hour of seeking help your vet will try to make your dog vomit and activated charcoal by mouth will slow any further absorption of the theobromine in the gastrointestinal tract.  Your Vet will also support your dog’s body with intravenous fluids and possibly sedatives to control muscle spasms.

Best course of action to prevent your dog getting to your stock of chocolate, eat it all yourself!!

Seek early treatment from your Veterinarian if you suspect your dog has eaten chocolate


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