Ted the Schnoodle is now 22 Weeks Old


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Ted is now 22 weeks old and developing quite a personality.  He has learned to bark, although it is quiet squeaky at the moment.  He still has occasional accidents in the home but they are fewer than they were…thankfully.

He is a very social dog enjoying the company of other dogs, large and small and people.  So far he has not been told off by other dogs for sniffing around them, he tends to be more submissive.  Watching him and Woody run together  in the park is very entertaining and they certainly have a bond.  Most days we walk up with other dog walkers and their pooches, mostly who are much larger dogs than mine but Ted loves to mix in with them all.

Of an evening we go out with other dog walkers so he gets to meet a different circle of friends.  Unfortunately Ted is partial to a bit of rabbit poo, the fresher the better, but he is not the only dog to partake in this unpleasant activity.

So far I have not seen Ted act aggressively or unpleasantly to other dogs or humans and long may this continue.

His coat is getting very long now and it is very different texture to Woody’s.  I need to have him groomed soon to keep the shape looking nice and tidy.  His coat does seem to attract lots of bit of bracken and debris from our walk but he is happy to be groomed with a brush.  After a couple of walks he has found a muddy puddle or rolled in a lump of fox poo so he has to bathed in the bath, he doesn’t flinch at all at being washed or blow dried.

I am so enjoying owning Ted the apricot and white schnoodle, he is a joy and a very welcome addition to our family.


Lazy Schnoodle Puppy


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Ted is now 20 weeks old, I cannot believe where the weeks have gone.  He is still and adorable little dog and a much loved addition to our family.  Woody and him are such great buddies.

Lazy Schnoodle hitching a ride in the buggy

Lazy Schnoodle hitching a ride in the buggy

Having a pup when having an older dog in the house has been much easier than I expected.  Woody is an excellent mentor for Ted.  The only issue that has taken some time to overcome has been his potty training, up until last week he still had occasional accidents.

He is a very sociable dog with other dogs and humans and he loves my cats but they are not so keen to be smothered with kisses and love by him and tend to swipe out when they have had enough.

On one of his recent walks Ted decided he didn’t want to walk and hitched a ride in the buggy, what a funny little guy.


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