Ted the Schnoodle – 6 Months Old


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Ted has just turned 6 months old this past week.  Where on earth has the time gone?

Ted the Schnoodle Puppy, aged 6 months old

Ted the Schnoodle Puppy, aged 6 months old

Woody and Ted are used to me rising early every day of the working week but they tend to forget that the same rules don’t apply of a weekend.  Up at 5.30 the lovely tune of howling and scraping at the stair gate I thought they might lie on the sofa with me until a more reasonable time, oh no, no chance.  I left the back door open and found myself wearing a dead field mouse as part of my nightwear attire, thanks Ted, much appreciated….NOT!!

I am sure I have mentioned it before but this little bundle of blonde schnoodle has given us so much joy and pleasure, I simply cannot imaging life without him.

Only another 6 months until his 1st birthday on 23 December 2013.

Ted the Schnoodle is now 22 Weeks Old


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Ted is now 22 weeks old and developing quite a personality.  He has learned to bark, although it is quiet squeaky at the moment.  He still has occasional accidents in the home but they are fewer than they were…thankfully.

He is a very social dog enjoying the company of other dogs, large and small and people.  So far he has not been told off by other dogs for sniffing around them, he tends to be more submissive.  Watching him and Woody run together  in the park is very entertaining and they certainly have a bond.  Most days we walk up with other dog walkers and their pooches, mostly who are much larger dogs than mine but Ted loves to mix in with them all.

Of an evening we go out with other dog walkers so he gets to meet a different circle of friends.  Unfortunately Ted is partial to a bit of rabbit poo, the fresher the better, but he is not the only dog to partake in this unpleasant activity.

So far I have not seen Ted act aggressively or unpleasantly to other dogs or humans and long may this continue.

His coat is getting very long now and it is very different texture to Woody’s.  I need to have him groomed soon to keep the shape looking nice and tidy.  His coat does seem to attract lots of bit of bracken and debris from our walk but he is happy to be groomed with a brush.  After a couple of walks he has found a muddy puddle or rolled in a lump of fox poo so he has to bathed in the bath, he doesn’t flinch at all at being washed or blow dried.

I am so enjoying owning Ted the apricot and white schnoodle, he is a joy and a very welcome addition to our family.


Lazy Schnoodle Puppy


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Ted is now 20 weeks old, I cannot believe where the weeks have gone.  He is still and adorable little dog and a much loved addition to our family.  Woody and him are such great buddies.

Lazy Schnoodle hitching a ride in the buggy

Lazy Schnoodle hitching a ride in the buggy

Having a pup when having an older dog in the house has been much easier than I expected.  Woody is an excellent mentor for Ted.  The only issue that has taken some time to overcome has been his potty training, up until last week he still had occasional accidents.

He is a very sociable dog with other dogs and humans and he loves my cats but they are not so keen to be smothered with kisses and love by him and tend to swipe out when they have had enough.

On one of his recent walks Ted decided he didn’t want to walk and hitched a ride in the buggy, what a funny little guy.


Schnoodle Puppy Diary – Day 14


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Ted, the apricot and white Schnoodle puppy has been with us now for 14 days.  Everyone of the those days has delivered nothing short of laughter, fun and the chance to help Ted to become the ideal, well behaved and adjusted puppy that will bring us years of pleasure and enjoyment.

Ted the Schnoodle Puppy

Ted the Schnoodle Puppy

Ted and Woody have bonded so closely and they are like a matching pair of bookends, albeit there is a large size difference.  Toys are shared and dragged around and so far there has been no jealousy, both share.  My house is littered with toys but who cares, if they are having a great deal of fun.

In our household there are 2 cats, 1 is petrified of Ted but the other isn’t.  Ted wants to be his friend and bounces all over him but the cat, Merlin, is so patient with him and has never drawn his claws.  Merlin is a rag doll cat, so quite placid by nature.

The second puppy jab is now looming so we are getting closer to being able to take him out of the house for walks.  I have got him a cat collar, with a safety harnesss, I just need to get him used to a lead now but one step at a time.

Ted is adorable, but then I would say that, I am smitten with Schnoodles full stop.

Schnoodle Puppy at 11 weeks old

Schnoodle Puppy at 11 weeks old


Schnoodle Puppy Diary – Day 9


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Thank goodness for that, Ted went through the night until 5.00 am.  Some might not consider this through the night but for me, an early riser, this was through the night.

Big Schnoodle Woody and little Schnoodle Ted

Big Schnoodle Woody and little Schnoodle Ted

What made the difference is that Woody was in the kitchen with him as well, which he isn’t normally.  Woody sleeps at the foot of our bed and has done since being the sole dog in our household since our elderly Schnauzer, Sonny, passed away 3 years ago.

Woody and Ted had a fantastic day yesterday just playing and rolling around all day with each other and their toys.  The sun was out so I had the doors open to the back garden and this made a significant difference with is potty training.

Ted is now letting us know he is ready to go out and he sits by the door when he wants to go out to relieve himself, woo hoo, we are getting there.

Ted the Schnoodle puppy is such a delight, not only is he adorable, he has made a real positive impact on Woody’s life.

Today’s task for Schnoodle Mummy is to sort out pet insurance for him.

More progress updates for Ted the Schnoodle puppy to follow


Schnoodle Puppy Diary – Day 7


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Ted has been with us now for a week.  My word how easy it is to forget the hard work involved with having a new puppy in the house.  Not that I am complaining but like any Mummy of a new human baby there are many similarities.  Ted cries for attention, he needs frequent feeding, he needs help with his potty training and he needs to be amused and sleep is fitful.

Ted the 10 week old Schnoodle puppy

Ted the 10 week old Schnoodle puppy

Today we made a trip away from the home, although someone was in Ted had to get used to be left by from time to time.  Initially he yelled and displayed his unhappiness but soon settled down.  I was only out of the house for about 3 hours and during that time I missed him but I was also relieved to have a break.

Woody and him are bonding really well, as the picture shows.  Woody is incredibly gentle with him although Ted likes to play rough.  My home goes from being tidy to being covered in toys, how many toys do 2 dogs need?  It is such fun to watch them playing with their wide range of toys, dragging them, chewing them and pulling them between each other, great for wearing the little guy out.

I have now increased his food slightly and continue to damp it down with hot water, he is on dry food,  Both dogs get fed apart, Ted in his crate and Woody in the kitchen.  As soon as the feeding is over and both bowls are clear I remove them so that no one is sharing bowls and there is not the potential for a disagreement.  Jo, the dog trainer told me this tip and it has worked well, especially for a multi-dog household.

Potty training is going well but we have had a couple of little accidents on the carpet today but on the whole he is getting the idea.

Well more updates coming with Ted’s Puppy Diary.


2 Schnoodles playing

2 Schnoodles playing

Schnoodle Puppy Diary – Day 3


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Well today has been a day and a half.  My new little Schnoodle puppy Ted woke me and the whole house up at 5.00am.  The good news is his crate was dry, very unexpected for a 9 week old puppy who has a tiny little bladder.

He was worn out from his visit to the vets last night and he is still a bit tender from his first jab.

Today the dog behaviour specialist came over to do a house call to check on Ted’s progress and give me some tips to try and make the crate training easier.  Ted’s breeder didn’t use a crate but I wanted to, although it is a first for me too.

We have had lots of visitors since Ted’s arrival and he is a very sociable dog who loves the company of people.  Unfortunately his little needle like teeth and sharp claws made my grandson cry today but the tears were soon wiped away by the offer of a candy bar.

Being a life long dog owner is never quite enough to prepare you for the arrival of a new little bundle of fluff, it still feels like a new journey but hopefully a very long and happy relationship.

My little man is all curled up in my arms, fast asleep and very contented.

My New Puppy, Ted


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Well, I couldn’t wait for another moment.  I got myself a beautiful little Schnoodle boy, apricot in colour although I would describe him as a strawberry blonde.

Ted the Schnoodle puppy

Ted the Schnoodle puppy

I have decided to call him Ted and I am smitten with him.  Ted is my second Schnoodle.  Woody, my older boy will be 4 this June and he and Ted are finding their feet with one another.

Today we went to the vets for his first jab and health check and all is good with the little guy.  The ver was lovely and although i have had dogs before I found myself asking lots of questions about his care.

Luckily my vets is doing a special offer on vaccination jabs, worming treatment and food.

Worn out by all of the excitement the little guy is fast asleep now……aw bless him

Schnoodles ‘teddy bear’ Puppies


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Scrumptious White Schnoodles

Scrumptious White Schnoodles

Simply scrumptious…….

A fantastic litter of 3 Male WHITE Mini Schnoodle puppies for sale.

Mum is a KC Reg Apricot/Cream, Mini Poodle and Dad is a rare imported KC Reg Champion WHITE Mini Schnauzer,

Schnoodle pups are ideal for town or country as they will grow to about 13″ to the shoulder as an adult.

Easily trained and great for agility training

Two of the pups are white with Apricot ears and one is a pale cream with Apricot ears.

One puppy has a coat like a schnauzer and the other two have a much longer coat which will be shaggy when fully grown.

These puppies are ideal for allergy suffers as neither parent breed moults hair.

Puppies have been Parvo jabbed and vet checked (card supplied), they come with a great puppy pack, 4 weeks free insurance and they are ready for their new homes now.

Price £450 per puppy – Call Christine on 01994 484477 or 07880978491

Genuine enquiries only, no time-wasters.

I am not associated with the breeder and will make no financial gain from featuring these pups.  As always, iLoveSchnoodles.com would highly recommend that you choose a breeder and pup carefully.

Jasper – Puppy Update


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Jasper the Schnoodle Puppy

Guest Post by Ian Davies

We have now had Jasper for three weeks and I must confess it seems much longer. That’s probably down to how well he has settled into being part of the family.

It’s been two weeks since my first blog post about him and there’s been lots going on during that time.

We’ve become regular visitors to our local branch of Pets at Home, and if we continue to go as often as we have done there is a very good chance we will be given our own set of keys to the store! Sarah, the Manageress is a mine of information. We have such confidence in her as she’s a real dog lover and seems to know everything there is to know about dogs. We’re looking forward to enrolling into her puppy training classes very soon. Read the rest of this entry »

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