Schnoodle Puppy Diary – Day 7


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Ted has been with us now for a week.  My word how easy it is to forget the hard work involved with having a new puppy in the house.  Not that I am complaining but like any Mummy of a new human baby there are many similarities.  Ted cries for attention, he needs frequent feeding, he needs help with his potty training and he needs to be amused and sleep is fitful.

Ted the 10 week old Schnoodle puppy

Ted the 10 week old Schnoodle puppy

Today we made a trip away from the home, although someone was in Ted had to get used to be left by from time to time.  Initially he yelled and displayed his unhappiness but soon settled down.  I was only out of the house for about 3 hours and during that time I missed him but I was also relieved to have a break.

Woody and him are bonding really well, as the picture shows.  Woody is incredibly gentle with him although Ted likes to play rough.  My home goes from being tidy to being covered in toys, how many toys do 2 dogs need?  It is such fun to watch them playing with their wide range of toys, dragging them, chewing them and pulling them between each other, great for wearing the little guy out.

I have now increased his food slightly and continue to damp it down with hot water, he is on dry food,  Both dogs get fed apart, Ted in his crate and Woody in the kitchen.  As soon as the feeding is over and both bowls are clear I remove them so that no one is sharing bowls and there is not the potential for a disagreement.  Jo, the dog trainer told me this tip and it has worked well, especially for a multi-dog household.

Potty training is going well but we have had a couple of little accidents on the carpet today but on the whole he is getting the idea.

Well more updates coming with Ted’s Puppy Diary.


2 Schnoodles playing

2 Schnoodles playing

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