The Poodle, One Half of the Schnoodle


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The Poodle Dog

The Poodle Dog

The Poodle is one half of the Schnoodle

Poodles are one of the most intelligent breeds in existence  The Poodle lends itself especially to becoming a pet or companion, soon becoming warmly attached to its owner, very quick at learning what is required of it, and very smart and vigilant as a guard.

All who have kept any of them will know they are full of merit, good tempered as a rule, born humourists, fond of children, grand swimmers, excellent guards, and very affectionate and faithful to their owners and friends. A very high authority, both as a breeder, exhibitor and judge, has set out the points of a correct Poodle as follows : head long, straight and fine ; skull rather narrow and peaked at back, very slight “stop;” long, strong and fine jaw, not full in cheek; teeth white and level; lips black and rather tight fitting; gums and roof of mouth black ; nose sharp and black ; eyes very dark brown, full of fire and intelligence, nearly almond shaped, leather of ears long and wide, hanging close to

face; well proportioned neck of fair length and strength; strong muscular shoulders, sloping well to back; deep and moderately wide chest; short, strong, slightly curved back ; broad muscular loins ; ribs well sprung and braced up; small round feet, toes well arched, pads thick and hard ; well set, straight legs, with plenty of bone and muscle ; hind legs very muscular and well bent, hocks well let down, tail not curled over back, but carried rather gaily and set on high; coat profuse and of good texture, not silky; if corded, hanging in tight, even cords; if curled, in strong, thick curls, of

even length, without knots or cords. Colours should be self, whites and blacks seem to be the most popular. The general appearance is that of a very active, intelligent and elegant looking dog, stepping out well and carrying himself proudly.

Mixed with the Schnauzer, the poodle creates the increasingly popular Schnoodle

The Top 5 Most Intelligent Dog Breeds


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