Ted the Teenager Schnoodle


Posted by Schnoodle Mummy | Posted in Schnoodle Breeders | Posted on 13-10-2013

Ted is now 9 and a half months old and has turned into an adolescent.  He is getting braver and will travel slightly further than before away from me.  He is such a social creature, he doesn’t fear any size dog and will wag his little tail and go up to them to look for other happy dogs to play with.

Sadly I had to have all of his lovely coat cut off and so he is shaved but still looks adorable.  Unlike Woody Ted has a slightly different coat which seems to hoover up all kinds of debris, sticks, leaves and anything horrible.  It didn’t matter how often I groomed his coat, he still had lots of mats in the coat.

Ted and Woody are the best of pals and Woody has been a perfect mentor for Ted.  I couldn’t imagine life without either of the boys.  Whilst writing this post they are both laid at my feet, they are never far from me.

On one of many walks the other day nature was delivering the perfect game for the boys, conker catching.  Here in the UK conkers are falling from the horse chestnut trees.  Woody loves this time of year.  He scoops up conkers, throws them up in the air and chases them as far as you can throw them.  I sat on a bench whilst mother nature dropped conkers from her swaying trees and the boys chased and played for what seems like an age but they were so happy.

Resting now after a large dinner the boys could not be cosier, curled up on the sofa side by side, oh how I love those fur babies.





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