Schnoodle Puppy Diary – Day 4


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Who would have thought that 2kg of fluff can make such a noise.  Last night was sleepless as my new Schnoodle puppy ‘screached’ the

whole house down at 12.30 am and then 4.00 am.  Each time he did go out to do a pee, which is good, but I think he was trying to get attention.  He is not used to a crate and getting him used to it is a task.

Ted_the_Schnoodle_2_SmlRoll on to the morning and I have no other option but to phone the pet behaviourist, who visited us yesterday, Jo at K9 Dog Training Solutions, to get her advice.  Her advice was to come down to him, put him our for a pee, put him back in the crate, close the door and make myself a cup if tea and hang about in sight of him until he settles back into a sleep.  Great advice, will try this tonight.

Potty training is going well.  I think he is up to about 1.5 hours of being able to hold his pee before needing to go out.  I did find a poo under the dining chair today.

I took a trip to the local pet supermarket and spent a small fortune on some new toys and a new bed.  I wanted to get some training treats suitable for puppies of his age, 9 weeks, but 95% of them were only suitable from 3 months old.

Teddy loves a game and that is where I am off to now, to have a good game before his bedtime.


Schnoodle Puppy Diary – Day 3


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Well today has been a day and a half.  My new little Schnoodle puppy Ted woke me and the whole house up at 5.00am.  The good news is his crate was dry, very unexpected for a 9 week old puppy who has a tiny little bladder.

He was worn out from his visit to the vets last night and he is still a bit tender from his first jab.

Today the dog behaviour specialist came over to do a house call to check on Ted’s progress and give me some tips to try and make the crate training easier.  Ted’s breeder didn’t use a crate but I wanted to, although it is a first for me too.

We have had lots of visitors since Ted’s arrival and he is a very sociable dog who loves the company of people.  Unfortunately his little needle like teeth and sharp claws made my grandson cry today but the tears were soon wiped away by the offer of a candy bar.

Being a life long dog owner is never quite enough to prepare you for the arrival of a new little bundle of fluff, it still feels like a new journey but hopefully a very long and happy relationship.

My little man is all curled up in my arms, fast asleep and very contented.

My New Puppy, Ted


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Well, I couldn’t wait for another moment.  I got myself a beautiful little Schnoodle boy, apricot in colour although I would describe him as a strawberry blonde.

Ted the Schnoodle puppy

Ted the Schnoodle puppy

I have decided to call him Ted and I am smitten with him.  Ted is my second Schnoodle.  Woody, my older boy will be 4 this June and he and Ted are finding their feet with one another.

Today we went to the vets for his first jab and health check and all is good with the little guy.  The ver was lovely and although i have had dogs before I found myself asking lots of questions about his care.

Luckily my vets is doing a special offer on vaccination jabs, worming treatment and food.

Worn out by all of the excitement the little guy is fast asleep now……aw bless him

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