About the Site Author

The site author is Lorraine Baker.  Lorraine is an accomplished entrepreneur with a keen interest in continuous learning and sharing her knowledge and experience with anyone interested enough to listen.

Lorraine has a passion for sharing her life with animals and what better way than to use her own experiences to bring the ‘Wonderful World of the Schnoodle’ to the many who share an adoration or interest for this breed.

Lorraine’s own Schnoodle, Woody, has lived with the family, including 3 cats for 2 years since being chosen from a litter of 3 pups born to a Miniature Schnauzer Mum and a Toy Poodle Dad.

The joys of co-living with Woody the Schnoodle have been immeasurable, not least as Woody and Lorraine have a very close owner-dog relationship.  In particular Woody’s presence in her life has helped Lorraine to overcome depression. Regular walking and meeting other dog owners has been a ‘much needed tonic’ especially for the health benefits of getting out into the open fresh air and exercising.

**Update 2013 – Ted the apricot and white male schnoodle puppy has joined our household, born on 23 December 2012 he is a new puppy brother for Woody**

Dogs are not our whole life, but they make our lives whole  ~ Roger Caras