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Pet Insurance

Pets, like us humans, get sick too and when that happens often our first course of action is to take them to the vets.  Providing the best care and treatment for our poorly pet costs and depending on the diagnosis and prognosis, costs can escalate quickly.

Without pet specific insurance in place the costs associated with treating our furry companion can rise quickly leaving a big hole in our wallet.

Around the world there is a huge variation in the amount of pet owners who have pet specific insurance.  Comparisons demonstrate that 49% of Swedish pet owners insure their pets, compared to 19% of Canadian owners and just 3% of US pet owners.

If you are undecided about pet insurance, consider the advantages and disadvantages of pet insurance.


Acquiring and renewing pet insurance ensures that in terms of medical and accident emergencies, depending on your coverage, some or all of the costs will be covered.  This cover is excellent for unforeseen events which can occur during our pet’s lifetime.

Advancement in the medical world has meant that vets are now able to successfully treat many more conditions which could result in your pet living longer.

Condition and treatment coverage can vary widely, some coverage can include vaccination costs, spaying and flea control medication.  Insurance coverage can also include cancellation of your vacation if your pet becomes unwell prior to you departing and also pet boarding costs if the owner requires hospitalisation.


Costs for new sophisticated treatments are, in many cases high, which push up the cost for owners whose pets are undergoing care in response to their medical needs.

Pet insurance can be a minefield and purchasing the best one for you and your pet can be complex.

Knowing what insurance costs will suit your budget is a good place to start.  Pure breeds can be more expensive than for cross breeds but other variations can affect the costs and need to be considered.

Generally as your pet ages insurance costs can increase.  Pre-existing conditions can be excluded by insurers.

Taking time to consider your budget, the breed of pet you have and any associated predisposed conditions, can, in the long term allow you to select the correct insurance policy for your pet.  Many pet insurance sites are available for the purpose of  comparison of insurers along with advice from your veterinarian, if required.

Remember, owning a pet comes with many responsibilities and putting the welfare of your pet’s health should be top priority.  Therefore, try to keep your pet as healthy as possible, including weight control, relevant exercise and inoculations.

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