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Seth Casteel image of Lab Retriever Swimming

Do all dogs possess the same desire to get into the water?  Most will if a ball is involved and the images captured can be astonishing.

It begs belief but 31 year old, LA Based Pet Photographer, Seth Casteel has used his talents as a photographer to capture some of the most remarkable underwater images of dogs in a pool fetching a ball.

A fabulous story featured in the ‘Sydney Morning Herald’ yesterday and has made Seth’s project and overnight success story.

After returning to the US from Australia, where he studied at James Cook University for a semester and took in the local wildlife, Casteel began offering his services as a volunteer photographer in animal shelters.

Just as a good real estate photographer can improve a home’s prospects for sale, so too, a well-framed portrait of an abandoned pet can make a difference.

“These photographs of homeless pets are such a key factor in finding them new homes and saving their lives,” said Casteel in a phone interview.

Today, he also runs a non-profit called Second Chance Photos, which aims to teach animal shelter staff and other volunteers how to take photographs of the shelter pets that give them the best possible chance of being re-homed.

Casteel’s professional work became a natural extension of that volunteer work.

The first underwater shot came about when a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel named Buster refused to stay on land and instead kept jumping into the pool.

One thing led to another and eventually, Casteel bought the gear and refined his methods and found that, with a bit of coaxing, many dogs were happy to chase a ball underwater.

“It is about my relationship with the dogs, too,” he said during a break in a tour to round up more subjects for a book that is due out later this year. “They can trust me and know that we’re having a good time.”

The cost of an underwater photo shoot starts at $US1000, a price Casteel says, many dog owners are willing to pay, even in these economically challenged times.

“Our pets are our friends and our pets are our family and when they’re gone all we have left are memories and photographs.”

Of course the best opportunity for capturing high quality shots of your dog might be hampered if you don’t have a pool, clear water and a willing dog to jump in after a ball.

Wishing Seth and his project, Second Chance Photos every success for the future.

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