Dog ate Chocolate


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Dog ate Chocolate

Dog ate Chocolate

You probably know that you should never give chocolate to dogs, right?  But do you know why?  Well in short consumption by a dog could prove fatal and requires Veterinarian consultation as soon as possible.  Chocolate ingredients include theobromine and caffeine, both of which contribute to poisoning.

The lethal dose of theobromine in dogs is 100-150mg per kilo bodyweight. Dark or cooking chocolate contains the most theobromine (1400mg per 100g), while milk chocolate contains 150mg per 100g. Half of a 250g block of baking chocolate is enough to be dangerous to a 10kg dog.

Symptoms of chocolate poisoning including vomiting, diarrhoea and hyperactivity presents within 6 – 12 hours.  Your dog may become thirsty and wobbly on his feet.  As the poison takes hold he will develop a rapid and irregular heart rate, he will pant, have seizures and muscle spasms ending in coma and death.  On occasions death can be sudden will few symptoms, this is considered to be because of a fatal irregularity of the heart rhythm.

Early treatment by a Veterinarian is crucial if you suspect your dog has eaten chocolate.  If your dog has consumed chocolate within an hour of seeking help your vet will try to make your dog vomit and activated charcoal by mouth will slow any further absorption of the theobromine in the gastrointestinal tract.  Your Vet will also support your dog’s body with intravenous fluids and possibly sedatives to control muscle spasms.

Best course of action to prevent your dog getting to your stock of chocolate, eat it all yourself!!

Seek early treatment from your Veterinarian if you suspect your dog has eaten chocolate


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