Adorable Schnoodle Puppy Ted aged 15 weeks old


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I know I am his human Mummy and obviously very biased, but isn’t Ted the most adorable apricot Schnoodle ever?  Well I think so, you judge for yourself.  In this picture, taken by me in our garden, you can really see the apricot colouring around his nose and ears.

Schnoodle Pup Ted aged 15 weeks

Schnoodle Pup Ted aged 15 weeks

Schnoodle Puppies Available in UK


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There are a number of litters of Schnoodle pups currently available in the UK, contact us for more details

**3 males, 3 females, currently aged 5 weeks available in Burnley Lancashire, £500 each

**3 Males, 6 females, currently aged 4 weeks available in Barwell, Leicestershire, £400 each

**5 males, 1 female, currently aged 5 weeks available in Helmshore, Lancashire, £550 each

**3 males, 1 female, currently aged 5 weeks available in Tyne and Wear, £700 each

**2 WHITE females, currently aged 12 weeks, available in Trelech, Carmathenshire, £480 each

**1 CREAM male, 1 CREAM female, currently aged 4 weeks, available in Basildon, Essex, £900 each

**Please note, I am not associated with any Schnoodle breeders and receive no financial gain from breeders.  Please carry out the normal checks before purchasing a puppy**



Illegal Puppy Farms


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If you are considering purchasing a Schnoodle or any other puppy this website has excellent information to avoid purchasing from illegal breeders who breed for profit.  The resulting pups from puppy farms or mills often have health issues or behaviour issues.  The Mothers of the puppies are often used continually to breed and are kept in very poor, dirty and unconventional breeding pens.

Click here to read more on how to avoid purchasing from an illegal breeder.


Schnoodle Puppy Diary – Day 35


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My little pup Ted has settled in lovely into our family and our home now.  it would be hard to imaging life without this little bundle of blonde fur under your feet, hanging off of Woody’s beard or getting up to innocent mischief.

Butter wouldn't melt in my Schnoodle mouth

Butter wouldn’t melt in my Schnoodle mouth

Woody adores the company of his little ‘furry’ brother and is so calm and gentle with him.  Woody is also a perfect mentor for the tiny ‘Ted’ terror.

Today I find myself with 2 – 3 hours on my own as I have entrusted a dog walker to take them out on a very long walk with her ‘pack’.  Not that I am lazy and can’t take my own dogs out but I want the dogs to get used to staying with the dog boarder so that we feel comfortable leaving them when we want to vacation.  I feel like an anxious Mummy of a toddler who has gone to kindergarten for the first time, but all is well, I have had a text to say they are on their way back home.

The house seems so empty without the guys here but I know they will crawl into their beds and crash out asleep for the next few hours.

Ted is learning so much and we are keeping up with small but frequent training exercises.  Potty training is still a slow process and I haven’t figured out if he is being lazy or really is struggling to get the idea of toilet stuff being done in the garden.  He will go on command now but then he forgets himself and does a little tiddle on the floor, luckily most of my flooring is tiles and so it is easily cleaned up.

Shortly, when the weather warms up a little we will go to a local dog training class but one thing is for sure he doesn’t need it for socialisation, he is a very social and well mannered pup around other dogs.

Ted the schnoodle pup is adorable, typical puppy Mummy, thinks their puppy is the best.

Ted the Schnoodle puppy mastering the stairs

Ted the Schnoodle puppy mastering the stairs






Schnoodle Puppy Litters in UK


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For anyone looking for Schnoodle Puppy litters there are several available in the UK at present.  There are litters available in Essex, Kent, Carmarthen and Lancashire.

Contact us for more details.

If you are a genuine breeder of healthy pups and you are planning any litters in the near future please get in contact with us to feature you schnoodle pups.  **We do not support puppy farms or puppy mills**

Poo-mix Rescue


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I wish, in a prefect world, that no dog was without a safe, warm and loving home but thankfully there are some remarkable rescue centres who dedicate their efforts to finding homes for the unloved and abandoned animals out there so that other people can experience the joy of rescuing a dog into their home.

Loretta the Schnoodle - Looking for her 'Forever Home'

I want to introduce a link to Poo-mix Rescue which features Poodle/Schnauzer mix dogs all looking for a loving home to call their own.  Please take the time to view the dogs on offer and if you can give one a home.  This site lists dogs available in the US.  If you know of anything similar available in any other country please let us know and we will feature it.

**We are not associated with any of the kennels featured, please check out the kennels and dogs available to see if they suit you and your lifestyle.  Owning a dog is a wonderful but full time commitment**

Schnoodle Puppy Diary – Day 21


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Teddy is fully inoculated now and able to go out for his first walk.  I took him twice yesterday along with Woody.  Ted is a bold puppy and didn’t appear to be frightened at all by the experience, which is good.  He wasn’t scared by any other dogs, especially the larger ones.

Schnoodle snooze after a walk

Schnoodle snooze after a walk

Woody showed him the way and he tried to keep up with his older brother, as fast as his little legs would take him.  The only problem we encountered was the cold, poor Ted started to shiver quite quickly so we didn’t stay out for long.

I have noticed Ted has started to clean himself now and as far as potty training goes he is doing his ‘pee pee’s’ almost on command.  He is putting on weight, although I haven’t increased his food quantity or frequency.

Night time still involves trips out to the garden at least once if not twice but he settles quickly again.

Three weeks in and I have never regretted the decision to bring Ted into our home and join us, he has given us all so much joy and pleasure.





Schnoodle Puppy Diary – Day 9


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Thank goodness for that, Ted went through the night until 5.00 am.  Some might not consider this through the night but for me, an early riser, this was through the night.

Big Schnoodle Woody and little Schnoodle Ted

Big Schnoodle Woody and little Schnoodle Ted

What made the difference is that Woody was in the kitchen with him as well, which he isn’t normally.  Woody sleeps at the foot of our bed and has done since being the sole dog in our household since our elderly Schnauzer, Sonny, passed away 3 years ago.

Woody and Ted had a fantastic day yesterday just playing and rolling around all day with each other and their toys.  The sun was out so I had the doors open to the back garden and this made a significant difference with is potty training.

Ted is now letting us know he is ready to go out and he sits by the door when he wants to go out to relieve himself, woo hoo, we are getting there.

Ted the Schnoodle puppy is such a delight, not only is he adorable, he has made a real positive impact on Woody’s life.

Today’s task for Schnoodle Mummy is to sort out pet insurance for him.

More progress updates for Ted the Schnoodle puppy to follow


Schnoodle Puppy Diary – Day 4


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Who would have thought that 2kg of fluff can make such a noise.  Last night was sleepless as my new Schnoodle puppy ‘screached’ the

whole house down at 12.30 am and then 4.00 am.  Each time he did go out to do a pee, which is good, but I think he was trying to get attention.  He is not used to a crate and getting him used to it is a task.

Ted_the_Schnoodle_2_SmlRoll on to the morning and I have no other option but to phone the pet behaviourist, who visited us yesterday, Jo at K9 Dog Training Solutions, to get her advice.  Her advice was to come down to him, put him our for a pee, put him back in the crate, close the door and make myself a cup if tea and hang about in sight of him until he settles back into a sleep.  Great advice, will try this tonight.

Potty training is going well.  I think he is up to about 1.5 hours of being able to hold his pee before needing to go out.  I did find a poo under the dining chair today.

I took a trip to the local pet supermarket and spent a small fortune on some new toys and a new bed.  I wanted to get some training treats suitable for puppies of his age, 9 weeks, but 95% of them were only suitable from 3 months old.

Teddy loves a game and that is where I am off to now, to have a good game before his bedtime.


Schnoodle Puppy Diary – Day 3


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Well today has been a day and a half.  My new little Schnoodle puppy Ted woke me and the whole house up at 5.00am.  The good news is his crate was dry, very unexpected for a 9 week old puppy who has a tiny little bladder.

He was worn out from his visit to the vets last night and he is still a bit tender from his first jab.

Today the dog behaviour specialist came over to do a house call to check on Ted’s progress and give me some tips to try and make the crate training easier.  Ted’s breeder didn’t use a crate but I wanted to, although it is a first for me too.

We have had lots of visitors since Ted’s arrival and he is a very sociable dog who loves the company of people.  Unfortunately his little needle like teeth and sharp claws made my grandson cry today but the tears were soon wiped away by the offer of a candy bar.

Being a life long dog owner is never quite enough to prepare you for the arrival of a new little bundle of fluff, it still feels like a new journey but hopefully a very long and happy relationship.

My little man is all curled up in my arms, fast asleep and very contented.

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