Adorable Schnoodle Puppy Ted aged 15 weeks old


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I know I am his human Mummy and obviously very biased, but isn’t Ted the most adorable apricot Schnoodle ever?  Well I think so, you judge for yourself.  In this picture, taken by me in our garden, you can really see the apricot colouring around his nose and ears.

Schnoodle Pup Ted aged 15 weeks

Schnoodle Pup Ted aged 15 weeks

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Comments (5)

PLEASE tell me Ted is still available we already chose the name Ted for a potential schnoodle puppy that we have been looking for!!

Hi Gemma

Ted is the schnoodle puppy I purchased from a breeder so he is not available I am afraid – sorry

where can i get an apricot schnoodle pup. I live in Carlisle Cumbria UK and would like to know the name of a local breeder ofnthese dogs?

please can you let me know when a schnoodle pup is available I am always too late

Dear Colin

There is a gorgeous little girl available now in the Manchester area, she is nearly 4 weeks old, check out this post for full details

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