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I wish, in a prefect world, that no dog was without a safe, warm and loving home but thankfully there are some remarkable rescue centres who dedicate their efforts to finding homes for the unloved and abandoned animals out there so that other people can experience the joy of rescuing a dog into their home.

Loretta the Schnoodle - Looking for her 'Forever Home'

I want to introduce a link to Poo-mix Rescue which features Poodle/Schnauzer mix dogs all looking for a loving home to call their own.  Please take the time to view the dogs on offer and if you can give one a home.  This site lists dogs available in the US.  If you know of anything similar available in any other country please let us know and we will feature it.

**We are not associated with any of the kennels featured, please check out the kennels and dogs available to see if they suit you and your lifestyle.  Owning a dog is a wonderful but full time commitment**

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