The Schnoodle Hybrid Breed


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Schnoodle Hybrid Dog

The Schnoodle is a domestic dog, a deliberate mating resulting in a cross breed between a pure breed Schnauzer and a pure breed Poodle.

Cross breed coupling is completely unassociated with a mixed breed mating, where resulting offspring are often referred to as ‘mutts’, ‘bitzers’ or ‘Heinz 57’s’

Often described as a designer dog, this connotation is not in the same context as a ‘designer handbag or designer shoes’.  In fact the ‘designer dog’ label is used to express, not solely novelty breed characteristics but also to reduce hereditary problems found in the pure breeds used in the mating.

Deliberate hybridisation, if done conscientiously by reputable breeders using pure breed sire and dam, can also reduce the undesirable traits associated with pure breeds.  By the same token reputable breeders can breed offspring that have desired specific traits or characteristics.

The health of a Schnoodle hybrid dog depends on the offspring being descended from healthy parents.  Breeders of quality hybrid puppy stock subject the breeding parents to veterinarian checks for common presenting conditions affecting specific breeds.

It is a commonly held belief that cross breed dogs resulting from pure breeds will have far lower instances of exhibiting disorders more common in their pure breed parents.



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