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Woody the Teddy Bear Schnoodle

Woody the Teddy Bear Schnoodle

Schnoodles are adorable, am I biased, you bet.

As a puppy Woody looked just like a teddy bear.  As a teddy bear lover this was the perfect dog for me, my real own living teddy bear schnoodle.

Woody, a black schnoodle with a flash of white on his chest, was one of three male schnoodle puppies purchased from a breeder in Wales.  Two of the puppies took on the fur of the schnoodle, with a soft wave to it.  The other little boy took on the look of the poodle coat, which was just as cute.

Now 2 years old Woody has not lost any of his cuteness nor his teddy bear schnoodle resemblance.  His fur is low shedding and he has no doggy smell to him at all.

The bond between Woody and me is very strong, as I write this post now he is sat by my side snoozing after his morning jog with his human Dad.

True happiness is owning your very own teddy bear schnoodle, or have I got that wrong, do they own you?

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