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For Sale – Rare Toy Schnoodles

Absolutely new to the UK.  Merle Schnoodles, amazing patterned coats with a marble effect.

Mum is a Solid Black, k.c registered Toy Poodle, Dad is my American Imported MSCA registered Blue Merle Miniature Schnauzer (photo is Dad), the first and only stud dog in the UK /Europe.

The puppies are currently 3 weeks old and expected to weight between 7lb-11lb adult weight.

There are 5 puppies, 4 girls 1 boy,  1 Blue Merle Girl, 1 Solid Chocolate girl, 2 solid Black girls and 1 Solid Black boy.  All puppies are carriers of the Merle gene.

Pups will be ready to go to their ‘forever home’ on 11th June when they will be  8 weeks old.  The pups will be vaccinated, vet health cleared and clear eye screened.

The Miniature Schnauzer and Toy Poodle are very intelligent ,loyal family pets and fantastic with children and other animals.  The Schnoodles pups will  have the best of both breed traits and will make wonderful family pets for those looking for something Rare and Exotic.

Tracy is the founder of this breed in the UK,  and is launching a new breed club shortly within the UK.  This new club will be launched approximately end of May.  To find out more information about the Merles please visit the American Club, here you will find all information about the genetics etc.

The Merle gene is a mutation gene which dilutes to alter the base coat colour, this is a random dilution which gives the mottled, marbled effect on the dogs coat.

Merle can result in all colours from chocolate,blue,silver etc.

These puppies are the result of a lengthy breeding programme and will be placed in vetted, suitable homes

Puppies are individually priced.  Please call Tracy on  0777 208 2864 (Evenings only) for any questions you may have.

Genuine enquiries only, no time-wasters.

I am not associated with the breeder and will make no financial gain from featuring these pups.  As always, iLoveSchnoodles.com would highly recommend that you choose a breeder and pup carefully.

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