How to Find the Dog For You – Activity Requirements


Posted by Schnoodle Mummy | Posted in General Dog Topics | Posted on 09-11-2011


Find the Dog For You

Find the Dog For You

If you are looking for the right dog for your lifestyle you need to ask yourself some questions.  Be honest with yourself, don’t cut corners and let your heart rule your head.

Take into account how much time you have got to walk your dog each and every day come rain or shine, is the time you have available suitable for your chosen breed?

If you are a couch potato and wanting to find a low energy dog, a high energy dog is not for your lifestyle.  If you are an energetic person walking mile upon mile a low energy small legged dog might not be the ideal match for you either.

Are you an apartment dweller with no outside space available without leaving your apartment?  Or have you got a large garden and access to open walking space for exercising your pooch? Read the rest of this entry »

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