Clumber Spaniels – 1 of 24 Endangered Breeds


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Clumber Spaniel

Clumber Spaniel - Vulnerable Native Breed

Clumber Spaniels are just one of 24 vulnerable native breeds, according to the Kennel Club.

With numbers of puppies regisered each year diminishing the breeds are in very real danger of becoming extinct.




Irish Red & White Setters,

5  Clumber Spaniels 

Field Spaniels

7 Irish Water Spaniels

Sussex Spaniels

Dandie Dinmont Terriers 

10 Smooth Fox Terriers 

11 Glen of Imaal Terriers

12 Irish Terriers

13 Kerry Blue Terriers

14 Lakeland Terriers

15  Manchester Terriers

16 Norwich Terriers

17 Sealyham Terriers

18 Skye Terriers

19 Welsh Terriers 

20 Smooth Collies

21 Lancashire Heelers

22 Cardigan Welsh Corgis

23 English Toy Terriers

24 Miniature Bull Terriers

I was fortunate enough to own an Irish Kerry Blue Terrier, called Millie, a rehome dog.  Millie sadly was rehomed 5 times in 1 year before we took her on.  Not an easy dog but at very needy dog who showed love, but on her terms.  I have only ever seen another 2 other Irish Kerry Blue Terriers in our neighbourhood.

Sadly, I was only too well aware of the decline in popularity of many of the breeds above including the Kerry Blue as each year I visit the Discover Dogs show at Earls Court in London and had been made aware of the plight of the vulnerable breeds.  How strange that the choice of dogs seems to have changed in favour of Labs and Retrievers.

If you are considering purchasing one of the above vulnerable breeds, contact the Kennel Club for further information and a list of breeders.



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