Schnoodle pups have new homes


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Schnoodle Puppy aged 6 weeks

A flowerpot full of Schnoodle

Following the video and audio interview last week with the breeders of an adorable litter of Schnoodle puppies, all but one pup now remains looking for her new puppy parents.

This litter of pups have been snapped up by people looking specifically for the poodle x Schnauzer hybrid mix.  No surprise there, this cross breed is already popular in the USA and gaining popularity in the UK, although they are still few puppies born in comparison to many breeds.

One of the new owners of one of the litter is a guy called Ian who came to deliver some professional wordpress training to me about 6 weeks ago.  Ian runs his very successful company Davco Media, singlehandedly.  As a very talented sports journalist he has put his skills to great use and taken the path of developing his freelance training company.

During the training session Ian delivered to me he met my dog Woody the Schnoodle, who is my shadow when I am at home.  Ian then told me how desperately his wife Lesley and son Jonathan wanted a dog.  When I did the interview with Cathy and Kayleigh, the Schnoodle breeders last week, I showed Ian the video and audio and within 24 hours he and his wife travelled 80 + miles to select the new addition to their family.  As yet a name for the pup is unconfirmed but the male puppy is eagerly awaited and already allsorts of goodies are being purchased for his arrival on Saturday 3rd September.

One female pup is left, she has got my name all over her….I have to try and work a bit harder on the husband.  He feels we have enough of a menagerie in our very small house… wrong he is, there is loads of room for us all.

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