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Posted by Schnoodle Mummy | Posted in Schnoodle Puppy Diary | Posted on 08-09-2011


Following the feature I did on the Schnoodle puppies born locally to me, I introduced the  blog post to a professional trainer I had met.

Ian and his wife Lesley fell in love, instantly, with the litter I featured and immediately set about arranging a visit to select one of the litter.

Jasper, a male Schnoodle, was chosen and the pup is now at home with them in the midlands and settling in to his new family life.

Ian has very kindly offered to feature Jasper via our Schnoodle Puppy Diary via a guest blog.  I am really excited about this as it will share a hugely valuable experience for anyone wanting to find out more about this delightful cross breed dog.

Puppies are great fun but it also opens up the opportunity to witness first hand the world of a new puppy who is in the early stages of exploring his new world.

I can’t wait for Ian to begin his guest blog…..over to Ian

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