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For those of us that are interested and besotted with the schnoodle cross breed (I am sure I am not alone) I have just had an update from Karen Bailey whose 2 weeks old pups I featured earlier in the week.

Saffron the Schnoodle Mummy

Saffron the Schnoodle Mummy

The pups have just opened their eyes for the first time.  As you can see they are growing into little stunners.

Having spoken now to Karen a number of times she has told me that ‘Mummy Schnoodle’ Saffron won 1st prize in her local dog show in 2011 and boy can’t you see why, she is adorable.  Saffron is just gorgeous and if  ‘schnoodle mummy’s’ looks are anything to go by, the pups will be little crackers.

If you are interested in one of the pups, there are 4 girls and 1 boy then don’t delay in contacting Karen immediately.  I don’t think these little sweeties are going to be looking for their ‘forever homes’ for too long.

Genuine enquiries only, no time-wasters.  Puppies to good homes only

If one of these beauties is the dog for you contact Karen on 07517 195604 

Please note: I am not associated with the breeder and will make no financial gain from featuring these pups.  As always, would highly recommend that you choose a breeder and pup carefully.

Schnoodle pup

Adorable Schnoodle Pup Snoozing

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I am looking for a schnoodle bitch and wondered if you had any available in the coming weeks?

I am trying to build a list of breeders who have schnoodle pups available and those looking for pups.

I am looking for a schnoodle puppy, will be prepared in May 2013. I would like one not to the norm ie salt and pepper or black but a different colouring. I am told these are not available but having looked on your web site they seem to be available. I live in Lancashire.
Kinnd regards

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