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A Kong Toy

Your new puppy is not dissimilar to a human baby, it will use its mouth to explore surroundings and objects.  Teaching acceptable behaviour is part of the learning process and you as the adult have to help them learn.

It can be very frustrating for a new puppy owner to come home to find your shoes chewed up, but then leave them lying around and puppy will see them as a toy.  Without guidance this behaviour can become a problem unless dealt with quickly.  One of my Schnauzer pups, now waiting at the rainbow bridge for me, chewed many of my shoes, never anyone else’s, thankfully.

It is helpful to understand the pattern of behaviour around chewing, if it occurs whilst you are out of the house it could be due to boredom or separation anxiety.  Ensuring your pup is stimulated enough for his/her breed, which includes walking will reduce the boredom.

Your dog should always be given his own selection of suitable toys, obviously made specifically for their age range and made of sturdy construction.

Never give them an old shoe of yours as a toy as they won’t know the difference in the scent of old slipper to that your special occasion Jimmy Choos.  Perish the thought

If you do find them with something they should not have replace it with one of their own toys.  Don’t rip it from their mouth as you may cause damage and discomfort to their mouth.  Show them the removed item, be firm and say ‘No’ to the inappropriate item you have removed from them.

There are toys on the market that will entertain your dog, Kong are makers of dog specific toys which can be used for hours of fun, reducing boredom.  Stuff the kong with treats, his regular kibble, peanut butter, pieces of cheese, wet food, ham or chicken pieces and watch them work out how to get their rewards out.  Kongs can be cooled in the fridge or freezer for hot days and to provide a cooling toy for young puppies gums.  Kong is not just a puppy toy, there are a variety of shapes and sizes to go through to dog adulthood, finding their favourite wont be too hard a task.

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