Bringing your new puppy home – Six top tips


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The upcoming weekend will prove to be very exciting for the new puppy parents.  The pups, I featured them in my video podcast, will be 8 weeks old on September 2nd 2011 and will leave their Schnauzer Mum Mollie to go to their new homes.

Whether the new parents have owned a dog before or this is their first time they will need to plan and prepare for the new furry arrival.

Firstly, the first night will more than likely lead to the puppy whining, especially as it will be in a new and unfamiliar environment.  Experts often say don’t go to the pup, otherwise they may adopt behaviours that can be hard to break.  I have heard experts recommend putting a ticking clock and a hot water bottle in with puppy.  Obviously from a safety point of view the hot water bottle should be tightly sealed to prevent scalding water touching puppy’s skin, perhaps wrap the water bottle in a towel.

Secondly, provide a warm draft free bed for puppy.  When collecting the puppy ask the breeder if you can rub the blanket on the Mummy dog so that puppy can smell his Mum.

Third, keep to the same food and feeding routine the puppy has been used to.  Any changes can cause serious problems for the puppy often resulting in sickness and diarrhoea.

Fourth, arrange to see your veterinarian as soon as possible.  He will conduct a thorough health check on the puppy and advice on inoculations and feeding..

Five, consider what equipment you will eventually use for walking, if possible try to get the puppy used to a lead/collar or lead/harness around the house for short periods of time.

Six, choose suitable toys and playthings for puppy, remember they need to use their teeth so select good quality toys appropriate for their age group.  Don’t encourage the chewing of old slippers or shoes as they will not be able to distinguish between these and your expensive shoes and it might be something you later regret.

Finally, make the most of the wonderful experience of picking up your chosen pup, it is truly a treasured day and certainly one for the memory banks.

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