The English Bull Terrier – Escape Artist


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English Bull Terrier

English Bull Terrier

Charlie the English Bull Terrier made a serious attempt yesterday to take himself out exactly where he wanted to go.  Charlie is a neighbour’s dog and lives 8 houses away from us.

Thankfully the story had a happy ending considering that we live in an area that is being developed and heavy construction vehicles pass by our very quiet street on an hourly basis.

The dog, owned by a young couple, is kept in the garden whilst they are out at work all day.  They have constructed a large shed type building for him to use but clearly he managed to find an escape route from the backyard.

The postman was delivering mail to the homes and knocked on my neighbours to ask if they knew who owned the dog.  My neighbours, a lovely family, were in their PJ’s but came out with a lead and grabbed Charlie and walked up and down knocking at all of the local homes asking if anyone knew who owned the dog.  Oddly of all of the homes everyone said they had never seen it before……amazing, do we all walk around with our eyes closed, he lives 8 houses away.

I am not sure what this tells us about how we live our lives now but the other interesting point of this story is that my husband was just leaving for his day job when he spotted the neighbour in her PJ’s and slippers out on the sidewalk waving at him.  When he eventually told me the story of ‘how unusual it was to see the neighbour walking a dog in her nightwear and unusual footwear’ I was astounded at his take on events.  I asked him, ‘why would the neighbour, who is not known for dog walking in her nightwear, be doing so and waving at him.  When he thought about it he realised she was waving at him for assistance not as a pleasantry.

Hubby duly made it his business to apologise for his lack of intuition that all was not well.  Thankfully she could see the funny side of it and we exchanged our dismay as to his interpretation of events as ‘it being a guy thing’

Anyhow, back to Charlie.  Another kind neighbour had a large dog crate available and took him in and contacted the dog warden who came and collected Charlie, who was later reunited safely with his owners.  Happy Endings we like!!

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